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Possibly Asked Questions

Welcome to Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast (or the Breakfastverse to shorten things up a bit)! The following is a list of questions which may or have been asked about the community.

Possibly Asked Questions

* My character is in another game. How does this game affect their other one?
    - Happenings in this Wonderland may be canon on a character-by-character basis, per mun’s choice. You might choose to have a “What happens in Wonderland stays in Wonderland” stance for your character(s), where plot, happenings, etc. happening in Wonderland do not affect the character(s) personal canon in another game. Or you might meld your character’s Wonderland (game) canon with another game’s (i.e. Alice might attend a dinner party in Oxford one day, visit the Loft on another, catch bread-and-butterflies in Wonderland the next, and reference all three events in the Loft & in Wonderland). It’s all your choice—as long as Wonderlandy things remain canon in this game. ^_^

* Are duplicates allowed?
    - At this point, no.

* Are there activity checks/requirements/&c.?
    - No. However, if you are going away, will be excessively busy for a week or two, or suchlike, do feel free to make a hiatus post on the OOC comm.

* Can I play multiple characters?
    - Yes, if you wish!

* How should I post?
    - First-person and third-person posts (& comments) are both welcome (action tags can be used as well!).
    - When posting, please include Place, Time (this can just be “Wednesday evening” or similar), and Characters (so other players know whether the scene is meant for a specific character(s) or open to all. This will keep things tidy & the like. Example:
Who: Tea Party Trio, Alice, and whoever else might drop by
When: Wednesday evening
Where: the Tea Table
Why: Must there be a reason for tea?

* How do the tags work?
    - For 6thngsbreakfast:
        * All characters will get a tag when they are added to the Cast of Characters list (e.g. [character] alice). You may use your character tag(s) when posting & when replying to posts.
        * The [correspondence] tag is to be used when characters send letters, invitations, parcels, &c.
        * The [scene] tags are for general posts. [scene: open] is for posts open to the whole Realm (e.g. an open-invitation Tea Party). [scene: closed] is for posts aimed at specific characters (e.g. a private audience with a Queen)
        * The [event] tag will be used for major events (possibly as results of plot discussions). Most likely, [event] posts will also be tagged with [scene: open].

    - For ooc_teaparty: the ! tags (i.e. !mod post and !reference) are reserved for mod use. All the others can be used by all! When in doubt (or if something falls under multiple categories), you may use multiple tags. If an appropriate tag is not available, please PM a mod—we'll come up with something!

* Why is a raven like a writing-desk?
    - My favourite answer is "Both have inky quills." (More answers on Lenny's Alice in Wonderland Site. Hmm, perhaps there ought to be a "Favourite Answers Poll" at some point ...)

Tags: !mod post, !reference
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