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Cast of Characters

Welcome to the Character List page! Below you will find a table-like configuration of the characters currently in play at 6thngsbreakfast.

Please comment here with with the character(s) you would like to play & what they might have been up to after the pages of the Alice books (a sentence or two is quite fine—mine sort of ran away from me & I had to chase it). Afterward, request to join the community with said character journal(s) & then visit the Contact Info Post to add your information.

(If you have a character in mind that you'd like to play but want to work on a background/journal/&c first, indicate this in your comment—I'd be happy to add you to the Reserves list!)

Residents (& Visitors) of Wonderland

Alice Liddell                                The Mad Hatter                   The Dormouse
{boxofcomfits}                     {inthistyle}                     {atreaclewell}
PB: Sophia Myles
Mun: Michelle                                         Mun: Erica                                         Mun: Michelle


{Note: Character pictures in the cast list/table are 120x150px(ish). You may either submit an image of suitable size or submit a larger image and it will be resized. A veritable yearbook of the Realm!

PB information is not necessary, but would be helpful so others can see who is already "taken."}

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