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Plot discussion time! (But only a short post as it's late ...)

First of all, Alice's return to Wonderland post is still open for backtagging. I'd love to play out her meeting her old friends after not seeing them for ages (five years for Alice, but how long has it been for Wonderland?)—especially as she's now matured a bit & grown into a young woman.

Secondly (and actually lastly), how about a Christmas post/event? It could be a holiday tea party—or perhaps simply a gift exchange (or similar). The post itself would probably go up the Wednesday before Christmas (& the timing would be handwaved so that it occurs in-game on Christmas proper).

Any thoughts, suggestions? (Puddings?)
OOC: the canon

The Realm of Wonderland & its Environs

{At some point, we may have a map. For now, this is more of a list of places—and quite in-progress.}

First of all, the Realm of Wonderland (also called "Greater Wonderland"—rather like London—or simply "The Realm") is comprised of several parts—sections, districts, or counties, if you will:
* Wonderland Proper (often simply called "Wonderland" as it is the largest of the counties)
* Tulgey Wood
* Truffula Forest
* Looking-Glass Country (it's actually a county, despite the name)

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OOC: the canon

Cast of Characters

Welcome to the Character List page! Below you will find a table-like configuration of the characters currently in play at 6thngsbreakfast.

Please comment here with with the character(s) you would like to play & what they might have been up to after the pages of the Alice books (a sentence or two is quite fine—mine sort of ran away from me & I had to chase it). Afterward, request to join the community with said character journal(s) & then visit the Contact Info Post to add your information.

(If you have a character in mind that you'd like to play but want to work on a background/journal/&c first, indicate this in your comment—I'd be happy to add you to the Reserves list!)

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