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The Realm of Wonderland & its Environs

{At some point, we may have a map. For now, this is more of a list of places—and quite in-progress.}

First of all, the Realm of Wonderland (also called "Greater Wonderland"—rather like London—or simply "The Realm") is comprised of several parts—sections, districts, or counties, if you will:
* Wonderland Proper (often simply called "Wonderland" as it is the largest of the counties)
* Tulgey Wood
* Truffula Forest
* Looking-Glass Country (it's actually a county, despite the name)

        Wonderland Proper, notable places
* Castle of Hearts (including croquet grounds, gardens, the Palace, &c.)
* Residences & the like:
    ~ Duchess's house
    ~ White Rabbit's house
    ~ March Hare's house (and Tea Table)
    ~ Mad Hatter's house
    ~ Alice's cottage
* Caterpillar’s Forest
* Sea

        Tulgey Wood
* Located betwixt Wonderland Proper & the Looking-Glass Country
* Full of windy paths unhelpful to lost travellers (infamous for this—the paths are worse here than in the rest of the Realm)
* Populated by has borogoves, toves, mome raths, and other fantastical creatures; may contain Jabberwocky
* One really ought not to wander through the Wood alone at night.

        Truffula Forest
* Populated by Brown Bar-ba-Loots (in their Bar-ba-loot suits], Swomee Swans, Humming Fish, and of course, the Lorax (it's where he landed after being Lifted).
* Much more peaceful than the Tulgey Wood

        Looking-Glass Country, notable places
* The county is so named as the looking-glasses through which one may travel to other parts of the Realm are made here.
* Red & White Castles
* Garden of (Live) Flowers
* Unicorn’s Forest
* Great Rail (goes through Wonderland)
* Tweedles' Forest (where Looking-Glass Insects may be found in especially large numbers)
* Humpty Dumpty’s wall
* Any number of brooks & rivers

And many more places to be discovered/explored!
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