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The Breakfastverse OOC Community

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The Breakfastverse OOC Tea Party

Welcome to the OOC community for 6thngsbreakfast! Please join this community if you are a member of the Breakfastverse main community. Plotty, lulzy, meta things shall abound!

                Things that belong here
Plot development/suggestions
World building (Do you have an idea for a new area of the Realm? Has your character moved? Just how big is the Tulgey Wood? &c.)
Meta stuff (character discussion, writing exercises, &c.)
Plot posts: the mod(s) will be collecting Wonderlandy plot happenings of the week/fortnight (to be decided) and posting them
sixwordstories: Since sws is not searchable by canon (& therefore posts can get “lost”), a weekly post will be available. Comment with your post (if you wish) so community members can find it. (You may use “breakfastverse” as the ‘verse name on your sws posts if you like.)
Lulz: Did your character just complete a meme? Did you come up with a lulzy/cracky idea you simply *must* share?
Randomness: Do you feel the pressing need to share something with the rest of the Breakfastverse muns?
{Note: Since there will probably be a wide variety of things being posted, there shall be tagging! For more on tagging, please see the Possibly Asked Questions. The short version: tags are for your use—if an appropriate tag is not available, please PM a mod.}

                Things that do not belong here
Player rudeness
As with the main community, please try to keep things PG-13. R-rated posts must be behind an LJ-cut with a warning.
RP threads (in most cases, they belong over on the main community)
If in doubt, ask a mod. It probably can go somewhere!

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Main Community
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The Realm of Wonderland & its Environs (or, Where is Everything?)
Plot Posts
Possibly Asked Questions

charloft ~ a writing prompts/character development/RP community
thehouseofmouse ~ a panfandom musebox set in Disney's House of Mouse

{{Disclaimer: Whilst some concepts pertaining to the Realm of Wonderland may be unique to this roleplaying game, the characters and source material (i.e. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass) belong to Lewis Carroll. Original characters belong to their respective creators. No profit is made from the community. It’s all for pretendy funtimes (& possibly for writing practice). }}

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